Finding support and help: how your community can make a difference

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Do you have it in you?

Is a famous go to tag line used by defense forces asking potential candidates that are they really suited for protecting their nation. Right in keeping in picture the global pandemic happening around the world, some section of our society are suffering for basic amenities like food, masks, etc. So what can we do about it, sit and wait for it to get over or chock out a plan, execute it and get the situation under control ?

It's all good until we see something unfortunate happening with our closed ones. Imagine your friend sleeping empty stomach for many days and under depression and anxiety and what not. What will you do? I'm most certainly sure that you will reach out to him and do your best to get your friend out of it. Now i do understand that the daily wagers are not your friend but they certainly are a citizen of your country, your brothers who need your support right now.

All you have to do is assist already social welfare groups present. Your small assistance can actually sustain a life. So, let me ask you again and for the one final time,

"Do You Have It In You?"

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